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 Fighting Cancel Culture

For a More Civil Society

What is Cancel Culture?

Cancel culture is the online trend of boycotting individuals or companies after possible wrong doings performed, in efforts to cancel their careers or reputation. This can result in long term financial or social loss both online and offline.


In many cases, people or companies are canceled either after making one bad decision, or for something that is out of their control. Cancel culture debilitates the opportunity for second chances. 

Small businesses have a higher chance of actually being canceled, compared to large corporations, due to its small size. Closures of businesses can disrupt the economy of places where small businesses have a significant impact, such as a town like Reno.    

Social media is the root of the cancel culture pandemic. Although it is necessary we hold others accountable for their actions, canceling doesn't always need to be the answer. Of course, if repetitive mistakes are made including patterns of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., canceling may be an option. But we want people to learn and grow from mistakes which isn't possible when they're attacked and canceled online.

*This data comes from our team's survey results which consisted of 164 people with a reliability rate of 92-100%.

"Overall, I see the cancel culture, the public shaming, as a negative symptom of where we're at and how we engage with each other. There are much kinder, calmer, more humane ways to get people to see what their actions are and how they're impacting others."

Adam Smith, victim of cancel culture 

CBS News


Radiate Respect realizes the term cancel culture has been co-opted in a political light. This campaign is in no way politically driven. The Back the Pack Bateman Team wants to specify there is no tolerance for discriminatory behavior or language such as: racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic or any other behavior that is illegal or immoral.  

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